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Exploring pointillism: rainbows

Exploring Pointillism - Simple Art for Kids

We have been doing some of the wonderful crafts over at The Crafty Classroom. Most recently, we tried out pointillism! I printed out these line drawing rainbows since St. Patrick's day is rapidly approaching. If you are learning about Georges Seurat, this is another great time to try out this fun art project!

What you need:
  • pencils with new erasers
  • paint
  • rainbow line drawing (or choose another if you prefer) 
  • scissors and colored paper (optional)

Leave it as is or cut out the rainbow and mount it on another piece of paper. You could also add a pot of gold - shiny gold stickers are great for that (circles or stars)! These are sure to cheer up any room.

What if my kid HATES to use paint? 

Oh I hear this loud and clear! We actually revisited this project when my kids were older and this was a big problem. What did I do? I made it more relatable for him. I knew he wouldn't be interested in making dots on a rainbow, tree, or something simple. Instead, I found a blank map of the United States to print and told him to choose 10 states to fill in, but instead of using paint, I had him use ink/stamp pads. You get much the same effect but don't have as much mess to deal with.

Templates to Print for a Pointillism Project

You probably want to keep it pretty simple, especially for younger children. Printable templates you may want to try:

or head to the link to find more options, like some with pots of gold

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