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target practice

My kids are playing this as I type. I was planning on taking them out today but we have had too many 4 and 5 am days recently and I just want to stay home!

What you need:
  • felt
  • velcro strips or stickies
  • lightweight balls
  • tape or marker to mark off a target area
I just stuck the velcro circles (only rough sides with the loops, not the soft ones) to the lightweight balls, made a target on the felt, clipped it onto a hanging blanket with some binder clips, and gave each kid a ball. This is a two-minute setup if you have all the materials! If you have velcro strips you can hot glue them onto the balls instead. I ended up making a few more felt targets after I took the pictures and clipped them all over the blanket, worth different "points" since they love to keep score. I may just have to make an entire carnival of activities for them to do today!

Materials needed.
Balls with the velcro stuck on.
I made the target with painters tape (it was 1" wide, I cut it to 1/2").
A hit! Retrieving the ball.
momgineer Meredith Anderson

STEM education is my passion!

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