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Nature Bingo Printable Activity - Take a Hike with your Kids

Play Nature Bingo on a Nature Walk! 

Nature BINGO cards to use when hiking, camping, or walking around your neighborhood. Get outside and enjoy nature with your kids! | Meredith Anderson - Momgineer

At one lovely visit to Dinosaur State Park in Connecticut, they had a game of Nature Bingo available that the kids found really enjoyable. All you need is images and/or words of things in nature that you would find in your neighborhood. I made the following cards based on things we might see in our neighborhood, but feel free to make your own if you have different nature items near you. This is a great activity for Earth Day to really connect with nature.

How to Use these Nature Bingo Cards

  • Print out and laminate the cards, then (optional)
  • Hole punch two holes to thread yarn so you can wear the card around your neck.
  • Use washable markers / dry erase to mark off what you see.
I attached Velcro stickers to the Nature Bingo cards and washable markers so you don't have to hold your marker either. Use these cards over and over again, whether you are camping, exploring a new hiking trail, or going for a walk in your neighborhood.  Feel free to click on the images to enlarge and print them or download the entire set at my Teachers pay Teachers store! I may add a 5x5 true BINGO card in the future, but 4x4 seems to be the right size for preK through lower elementary.
Nature Bingo - Great for Earth Day!

Update: there is also a free downloadable set available at the Mass Audubon site!

*Full image credits are included in the full download, available at Teachers pay Teachers.
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  1. I printed this out for our camping/hiking trip coming up. I am laminating them and bringing dry erase markers. I thought we could use them as a scavenger hunt as well as a bingo card. Great idea!

  2. Update: We use them on our camping trips and Maci loves it! She doesn't want to get Bingo, she wants to fill up her whole card. Such a great camping activity. I like the new set.