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cornmeal lettering

Blogger had a bit of a hiccup the other day and lost this post so I'll do my best at reposting what I'd written. We have been very busy this spring and spending much time outside, so although I have a lot of posts half-written, I haven't had longer chunks of time to sit down and finish them. 

This activity arose after glancing through a Montessori Services catalog and seeing this cute tray. I knew H&F would like to try it out so I put a cornmeal lettering activity together for them.

What you need:
  • Tray (I used the tops of cookie tins)
  • Cornmeal or sand
  • Letter cards, a letter chart, or sandpaper letters (which you can make; ours were purchased through Kid Advance)
  • A small scoop/measuring cup
Have them trace the letter first on the sandpaper or letter card, and then make it again in the cornmeal.

The materials.
Older kids can swish, but we used a small scooper to smooth out the cornmeal.
While trying it out, I found that less cornmeal is actually better.
H tries it out.
We used both lower- and uppercase letters.
F gave it a try, but just liked scribbling in it as well.
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