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telling time introduction

H has been able to tell time for awhile but since we don't have analog clocks around (I know, I need to hang one up!) he doesn't get much practice. F hadn't been exposed before so I thought it might be fun to make a game of it. I found this site which is great for printables! You can choose how many pieces you want in your set and then the type of picture. I chose Time (Clocks)-- full hours and Time (Clocks)-- half hours (at the bottom of the page).

Here they are printed out and trimmed/laminated:

Ready for play:

I introduced full hours first in a game of memory. It was nice that each clock was a different color, because it helped with the game. After we played memory with the cards a few times, I added in half hours, and then we switched to a game of go fish which worked out really well. After the end of the game they both had a much better idea of how to tell time.

Another game to play with these cards would be to sort them and then arrange them by earliest time to latest time. With younger children you could pick a few of the colors out and just play by color. The kids really love these cards!
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