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sorting seasons by clothing

Montessori for Everyone has a cute printable file for sorting seasons by which clothing is worn. I don't have a laminator but if you do, I'd recommend printing the file on card stock and laminating these. I took the poor woman's version and printed on regular paper, glued to heavy weight paper, and laminated with clear contact paper before cutting them out. We then set up the activity on a woven placemat. As it turns out, some of the cards aren't quite as obvious so it can be solved a couple different ways that are still correct, even with five pieces of clothing for each season. I will probably also print the outdoor season cards as well to mix in with these.
Printed, glued, and covered with clear contact paper.
Cut out.
Season cards placed for sorting.
Trickier than expected, but fun.
momgineer Meredith Anderson

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