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natural playscape

I've wanted to share our stepping stumps and stones and now that almost all of the snow is gone, I was finally able to take a few pictures. We luckily (?) had an abundance of sorry looking ash trees on our property, as well as giant rocks half buried that needed to be moved anyway due to mowing complications. If you have access to logs, stumps, boulders, gravel, hills you can add slides to, etc., you can make a fun natural play space for your child. You will also possibly get an awesome workout (unless you are lucky and have heavy duty equipment that can move them for you!) because moving those was nearly impossible by hand (i.e. a 12 foot long 4x4).

Natural playground design ideas:
Front view
Side view
Really cool marks on that rock
Endless fun

Huge climbing log at a local farm
F climbing

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  1. Hi I'm Jenny from Let the Children Play and I'm currently writing an ebook on natural backyard playscapes. I'm writing to ask permission to use some of the wonderful images from this post to show other parents what is possible in their own backyards. I would credit you of course, and provide a link back to the blog. Thanks so much for your consideration, Jenny
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