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sensory fun

Many of our activities are sensory based, and these are a few of our favorites.

Slime!  Recipe here.We also love oobleck. I like the slime because it can be kept in the refrigerator for months in a zip top bag. I like the oobleck because it is easy clean up with plain water. The kids love both!

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Sand! I got this idea after seeing these cute mini sandboxes on Amazon.  I added some basics (play sand, rocks, trees, dinosaurs) to a tray and voila!  As it turns out, small medicine cups are the perfect side for making mini sandcastles. Please excuse the phone pics; I will try not to make a habit of posting them.

Snow! As it is only a seasonal treat, I have been trying to maximize our snow play. So when it is -3°F outside without wind chill and I don't feel like freezing my nose off, I grab an under-the-bed-bin and bring the snow inside instead.  Add beach toys or paint and paintbrushes, protect your surface underneath, and don't forget your mittens!  After about 35 minutes, the snow which had initially been extremely fluffy, became perfect for making mini snow people.

Beans! I almost forgot to mention beans. Currently our bean table is buried under the white stuff so we haven't played with beans recently, but this is one of F's favorites.  Things beans are great for: scooping, pouring, funneling, hiding small treasures in, sorting, measuring, and lunch!  I can't believe how big H&F have gotten over the past 1.5 years! 

Our water table gets way more use as a bean table.  We've done rice before as well, but prefer beans.
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