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Garden Update: Late July

This is when the garden is happiest. Visible growth happens daily, especially on the summer squash, tomato, pepper, and tomatillo plants. It's also time to dig up the potatoes. We dug up a few pounds the other day, and a few pounds earlier in the week as well. I suspect we'll be digging up the rest over the next two weeks.

See that red spot in there? That's a strawberry! This is when we get a small second crop of everbearing strawberries. The tomatoes are just starting to ripen; we have picked only a handful. The snow peas are ending. In just a few weeks we will have more tomatoes than we'll know what to do with! I'm not fond of the heat. I'm even less fond of humidity (it makes me feel ill and like vomiting, gross), but I do love the fresh food from our garden so I try to tolerate it.

~Just for fun~
Ways to spot a gardener in the wild:

Dirty fingernails/knees
They start pulling weeds wherever they happen to be
They are wearing a really large hat, or rubber boots (and it isn't raining)
They ask to take your food scraps home for their compost bin if they see you throwing them in the trash
They sneak out at night to drop bags of squash on their neighbors' doorsteps

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