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Leaf Relief Art Project

Fall Leaf Art Project

I have been wanting to do this project with the kids ever since reading about it over at Cassie Stephens's blog. We love to do leaf rubbings with crayons every autumn, but this was such a fun new twist, I just couldn't wait to set it up! Yesterday we had unusually warm weather, so we went on a long walk and gathered leaves as we walked. What a rarity to walk around in November without even a sweatshirt or hat on! I think it was 65F but it felt at least 10 degrees warmer with the strong sun! Luckily I already had spray adhesive, spray paint, and very fine steel wool on hand, so all I needed to do was find something to mount the leaves to! I ended up using cardboard, which seemed to work just fine.

After our walk, the kids ate ice cream on the deck while I gathered materials. Then we got to work! After putting on the aluminum foil and rubbing:

Aluminum Foil and Spray Paint Leaf Art!

I spray painted them outside. It was fast-drying paint and was dry within 15 minutes, but we still waited overnight for the next step.

Here's my big kid working on his. He was very excited!
Here's my little kid being his usual silly self. =)

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