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scent matching

This is a fun game for rainy days, and the scents can easily be discarded and replaced as often as you'd like, so you can keep changing it up for variation.

What you need:
  • empty and clean bottles (matching)
  • cotton balls
  • scents (anything from herbs or vinegar to perfumes)
  • small pitcher and funnel (optional)
Gather your bottles.
Choose some scents; you will need to make two of each.
Add the scents and a cotton ball and put the lids on.
The kids helped me choose the scents and add them with some water to the bottle. They added a bit more water (with the small pitcher and funnel) than I would have but they worked fine for the game. Just soaking the cotton ball with some scent and water should be enough, though, and less chance for spills.

All you have to do now is play. Choose two bottles at a time to try and match the scents. If you are using herbs, you might have to use more opaque bottles (or use all herbs so that you can't just tell by looking at them). Ideally you will have a lot of scents to choose from; you can discuss the nature of the scents as you play and have your child try to describe them.
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