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STEM Builds for Easter

Easter-themed STEM Builds!

Do you love building holiday-themed objects with your kids? You can build in 2D for younger kids, or 3D for kids who are expert builders. The little ones' imaginations and creativity never cease to amaze me. Here are some fun ideas to get started:
  • Animal Easter STEM  - rabbit, chick, or duck
  • Food Easter STEM - carrot, jelly bean, egg (think outside the box - do a whole egg, or for something different try a fried egg!)
  • Object Easter STEM - egg holder/cup, basket, jelly bean dispenser
If you are looking to make this a more educational activity, I have developed a set of STEM mats with design criteria.

Pin the image to save it for later:

Or, get the STEM Mats now:

What are STEM Mats? Watch the video to find out, and get a sample STEM mat to try it out.

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