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Starting a Mastermind group (for TpT Teacher-Authors)!

Hi all! I know there has been some buzz about Mastermind groups with the recent TpT conference, and I just thought I would give a quick overview about participating in a Mastermind group for anyone who is looking to find out more about it. You can download everything in this blog post in this e-guide!

What a mastermind group is:
  •    a group of individuals (in this case, TpT teacher-authors)
  •    with a common goal
  •    that meets regularly (think weekly or every other week),
  •    holds each other accountable,
  •    and inspires each other!
Learn from each other. Support each other. Grow with each other.
What a mastermind group is not:
  • a "follow me, I'll follow you" group 
  • a get rich quick or pyramid scheme
  • a passive commitment. You need to show up and be present. Mastermind is really what you want it to be. Everyone has to participate and contribute in some way. Each person will have their own strengths so try to split up responsibilities based on those strengths.A Mastermind group can be a great way to help you improve your educational resources for thousands of teachers and students. It's not about competing with each other, but by rising each other up! Together we ARE better!
Starting a Mastermind group
1. Find your tribe. Use hashtags on social media to find your tribe! Try #findyourtribe.

2. Find your group! Within that tribe, reach out to several individuals until you have 4-5 members.

You may not find your whole group right away. Some may decide it's not for them. Don't worry! You will find and solidify your group in time.

3. Get the ball rolling.
This is when you really need to up the connections. Start a Google docs spreadsheet and link up your name, blog, email address, phone (if texting), and all social media sites. Find a way to meet that makes sense. If you are nearby, you can meet in person. Otherwise, try Google hangouts. Set ground rules (read more about these in the links at the end of this post). Most importantly, schedule an initial meeting where you can all be present!

4. Start Masterminding!

Who will lead your first meeting? What do you want to talk about? Have every member give a brief intro (5-10 minutes) and have someone be a time keeper. During the meeting:
  • Take notes!
  • Don't interrupt!
  • Keep to your time limit.
  • Pick a topic for the next meeting.
  • Decide where you will connect in between meetings (this is very important!). You can use a secret Facebook group, Google groups, text, email, etc.

Here are some topics specific to teacher-bloggers to get you started:

Here are some additional links to get you started on your Mastermind journey:

TpT Goals free chart

Thanks to EduClips for the graphics used in this post.

Do you have a blog post about mastermind tips or how your found your tribe? Let me know in the comments!
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of this helpful info, Meredith -
    I've heard a lot about Mastermind groups, and your blog post answered all of the questions rolling around in my head!
    :o) Pam
    Hedgehog Reader

    1. You're welcome, Pam! I'm glad it answered your questions. =)

  2. Thank you for all of the information! I heard the term Mastermind at the conference, but had no idea what it actually meant. This post was so helpful!

    1. You're welcome, Linda! Please feel free to contact me if you start a Mastermind group and need any extra help!