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Rainy day fun!

Well, spring finally arrived! It rained *all* day yesterday, so I was thankful I had a new card game waiting for us to play. This one was an instant hit, which is no surprise as my kids seem to love just about every Gamewright game we have tried. The best part of this game is that even when you think you might be ahead, you could be wrong. The strategy is complex. You might think you will score big, only to lose a lot of points at the end or finish out with useless cards. The images on the cards are so adorable that you will want to snuggle the sushi! The educational factor is low (basic addition), but it's a lot of fun and fast-paced.

A fun little game and a great one to pass 10-15 minutes. You do need a score sheet as you play three rounds, however there is no reason you couldn't just play one round instead and not keep score
Please note: this is not an affiliate link, and I did not receive anything for this review. I purchased this game and just wanted to share our thoughts on it!
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