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New FREEBIE up at TpT! Math Operations Posters!

Math CLUE Words

I have created quite a few word problem resources over the years, but wanted to share a few free tools to go along with them. The first freebie I've created are math clue words posters. These are already hanging on our homeschool classroom wall, and hope you can use them, too. Operation clue words math posters!

Word problems are life problems! They can help one see the practical application of math in real life. Sometimes, though, a word problem can be difficult to understand. These clue words, when used in addition to foundational math skills, can be a helpful tool for problem solving. Have your students refer to the posters if they are feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the problem.

You are welcome to add your own words as well, or take away any that you don't come across in your grade level, by gluing white card stock over them or whiting them out. You can lay them out next to each other, distribute them evenly on your classroom walls, or arrange in a 2 by 2 array, as shown above.

Stay tuned as I am working on another word problem tool.
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