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This is something I've been meaning to post about for awhile, but I just haven't been at the computer long enough to sit down and write about it! I am so excited to repeat this project with my own children. I created a word vault (though I don't think we called it that) when I was in second grade. I still have it in a closet somewhere! You can use a very simple index card box or index file holder, and the alphabetical dividing cards are optional. Since we homeschool, I went ahead and purchased a locking index card box knowing that the ability to lock it up would make it even more exciting for my seven year old!

This is a great way to keep your spelling and vocabulary words. For my seven year old, I have him write the word on the unlined side of an index card, and then use the word in a sentence (or write the definition) on the lined side. After the card is filled out, it goes in the box in alphabetical order! At the end of the school year it will be filled up with lots of cards! Since he had just recently built the LEGO Tower Bridge and we have been learning about bridges, he chose a few fitting words as the first words to add, such as bascule, force, tension, and compression. He also then asked if decompression was a word and what it meant and if he could add that, too.  =)


Locking it up!
Something great about this is that it is very inviting to open up the vault again and review the words. They become vocabulary flash cards, and are wonderful for review. I know that every student in my second grade class had one of these but you could have a class word vault instead! There is a lot of room for differentiation. Here are a few ideas:
  • Add word roots (Latin, Greek, etc.) and words with the same root.
  • Write the word in more than one language.
  • Print the word and write it in cursive (we should be starting cursive soon so I think we'll do this).
  • Draw a picture of what the word means.
  • Take out all the word cards and mix them up. Set the stopwatch to see how fast you can alphabetize them!
I told H that once he writes his word, and learns what it means, he can lock it up and it's his forever. I sure do hope that is true!

*First image graphics by: Jessica Stanford, Fun for Learning, and Sweet Berry Patch.
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