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weaving practice

This was an inexpensive and fast (<15 minutes to set up) project that I got the idea for after visiting a children's museum that had something similar.


What you need: 
  • Frame (mine was $1 at the local dollar store)
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Fabric, ribbon, shoelaces, etc. Different textures are nice. I threw some hook and loop in there too.
The frame I started with. I just took out the glass and paper.
Add some strings. I will probably add more to make it more challenging in the future.
Materials for weaving. Cut the fabric to different widths.
H weaves.
It might be fun to have different colored fabric scraps around for different holidays, or to make a rainbow, or enough of the same kinds to do patterns. After some practice we might move on to a real weaving frame, but this is fun in the meantime. Apparently it is even more fun to pull all of the ribbons out after the project is complete!

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