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seed catalog collage

Upcycle your old seed catalogs to make a collage - great for fine motor skills! | Meredith Anderson - Momgineer

I have a modest vegetable garden, which means that after a few years of ordering gardening supplies and seeds, I get bombarded with seed catalogs this time of year. Despite subscribing to a service to help minimize "junk" mail, I cannot escape it all. Of all the junk mail, though, seed catalogs are by far my kids' favorite. They provide hours of fun, both from thumbing through and naming fruits and vegetables and from the cutting and gluing the pictures to make books or collages.Here are two pictures of the collage we made this time:

seed catalog collage

I used heavy stock paper that came on a roll; I think it is matte photo paper I bought on ebay years ago for another project.  The piece above is about 9' long. What fun! Here is a picture of a book we made another time:

The same paper as the collage was cut into pages and then hole punched and held together with string.  Sometimes we group the same kind of fruits/veggies, and other times we just try to fill the pages.  

Ideas for your collages 
  • sort the images by color and then make a rainbow of images
  • sort the images by things your child likes to eat and doesn't like to eat, then you can compare year to year
  • sort by what grows near you and what doesn't
  • make each page into a "recipe" for something different, like salad, pizza toppings, the worst breakfast ever, and so on!
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