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easy puzzle

This is an easy activity that can be done with plain paper, cardboard, etc. Cut as few or as many pieces as you want. I cut jigsaw-style pieces this time but have done plain straight or curved pieces in the past, in a simple woodboard style for infants and toddlers. A colorful shirt box makes for a fun puzzle, but you can also color your own design first to make it even more special. I used scissors to cut the pattern but if you used a pen knife (x-acto) you could do smaller and cleaner cuts.

finished puzzle
1. Find a colorful shirt box.

2. Trim off the sides.
3. Start cutting pieces.

4. All cut! Try to put it back together.

Laminate the sheet ahead of time if you'd like to make it more robust. Let the pieces rest under a few heavy books to help flatten them out. Store in a zippered bag so you don't lose the pieces.
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